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Top 5 Baton Rouge Engagement Session Locations

Baton Rouge

We’re getting so close to engagement season and I’m so excited!  Here are my top locations for an engagement session in Baton Rouge.  Just keep in mind a couple of these may require some additional planning and/or permits so make sure you research what’s required ahead of time. If you’d like more unique suggestions.  Just let me know!  I love providing my clients with my top-secret spots in and around Baton Rouge.

  1. LSU Rural Life Museum

    This is probably the most popular Baton Rouge engagement session location. When I first moved here it was recommended to me by a bunch of people.  It’s easy to see why!  There are so many beautiful live oak trees and great little spots for photos.  To this day it remains one of my favorites!

  2. LSU Windrush Gardens

    The Windrush Gardens are attached to the Rural Life Museum so it makes shooting at both of these locations in one day super easy!  These gardens can be so beautiful depending on the time of year.  It’s really a perfect place for an engagement session!

  3. Downtown Baton Rouge

    If you like more an industrial look then downtown Baton Rouge is the way to go!  With large buildings and a clean neutral palette, you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated session downtown.

  4. Nottoway Plantation

    This plantation is so beautiful and is just perfect for an engagement session!  It’s a little bit of a drive but well worth it.  If you get the chance to go, make sure you don’t make this a casual affair.  Dress up and really play on the plantation’s glamour.

  5. Houmas House

    This place has everything from a cute little tree swing to gardens, and beautiful live oak trees.  There are so many photo opportunities here that you can complete an entire session in more at this one location.  Not to mention the staff are great!

If you’d like to see the top wedding venues in Baton Rouge, click here!

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