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Mesmerizing White Bridal Session at Greenwood Plantation


I’m back with another bridal session! Yay! Queue the music! For those of you that read my posts, you already know these are so much fun! Just look at this stunning beauty, Marty, in her perfect white dress. Even her bouquet was all white! Looking at some of these pictures that are a little closer up I thought I should let you in on a little secret.  Do you know that I don’t edit skin 99% of the time!  I literally don’t use photoshop on practically any of my clients!  And while yes, my clients are all gorgeous of course, we all have imperfections!  No one is exempt from that!  So, do you want to know the trick?  It’s how I use light.  I am able to literally blur your skin in the camera so when it comes time to deliver your photos, it’s truly you and no retouching was necessary.  I love authenticity and what better way to give you truly authentic images than to keep your photos 100% you!  Enjoy this bridal session at Greenwood Plantation and start imaging what we can do together 🙂

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