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January 1, 2021


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So, I’ll start by saying a first look isn’t for everyone but it’s what 9/10 of my couples choose to do.  If you’re not familiar with a first look, it’s when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony.  It’s a special moment that allows for so many amazing things to happen.  After interviewing past brides, I’ve come up with the top 5 reasons why they chose to do a first look.  I hope you find this helpful when making your own decision!


  1. Don’t Delay Getting to Your Reception

    With a first look, there won’t be any pictures to take immediately after the ceremony.  We will have taken all the family formals, wedding party, and couple’s photos ahead of time.  So after you tie the knot, you’ll head straight to the party to eat, drink, and be married!  This is the most appealing scenario when I talk to grooms about a first look.  It also allows the couple to grab a plate before being presented to their guests.  I get so sad when I ask couples how their catering was and they don’t know because they didn’t eat anything.  Let’s prioritize you on your wedding day!

  2. Receive More Than 200+ Extra Images

    Yes, it’s true.  Couples who do a first look with me often end up with more than 200 extra pictures!  It makes such a huge difference in the way their gallery turns out.  By using the time between getting ready and the ceremony for pictures it gives us hours we would have spent just “waiting” for the ceremony.  Therefore, giving you literally over 100 extra images!  So if you want the biggest gallery possible filled with beautiful moments, this is your answer.

    groom sees bride for the first time

  3. Have a Moment Together Before the Chaos of a Wedding Day

    I’ve never had a couple say they regret doing the first look.  I’ve only ever heard the opposite.  Bride’s lamenting that they didn’t end up with as many pictures as they thought they would or they wish they wouldn’t have spent so much time getting to their guests.  A first look gives you and your fiance a chance to have a private moment all to yourselves before seeing everyone else.  It’s a time for him to truly take in how you look, from your hair to your dress and realize this is the person he’ll be spending the rest of his life with.  Without all the pressure and eyes on you.  You wouldn’t believe how calm and relaxed couples are after the first look.  The nerves are gone and they’ve been replaced with complete excitement!

  4. The First Time He Sees You Walk Down The Aisle

    The first time he sees you walk down the aisle is STILL the first time.  Nothing can compete with this moment or take it away.  A first look typically happens away from the ceremony site and just adds another special moment to your day.  It doesn’t take a special moment away.  Just think of it this way, you’ll have had a special moment to yourselves and when you walk down the aisle, that’s the moment you’ll share with everyone else.

  5. A Better Experience for Your Guests

    Have you ever been to a wedding where you waited an hour to see the bride and groom?  It’s like they’re late for their own party!  That isn’t the best experience for your guests who came to see you and are ready to celebrate with you.  With a first look, you’ll be able to head to your reception immediately giving your guests a chance to party with you instead of eating and leaving.

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