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5 Best New Orleans Engagement Locations


Want to know a few of the best engagement locations in New Orleans? Here are my top 5 that will always yield good results.  These are pretty popular locations so a couple of them will require planning in advance and possibly a permit.  You’ll have to do some research and see if that’s necessary for the session you’re trying to plan.   If you’re looking for something a little more unique just let me know!  I love giving my clients amazing recommendations!

  1. City Park

    A beautiful park with a ton to see and do.  We could probably do your entire session here and still not photograph all the amazing gems!

  2. The French Quarter

    The French Quarter is a great place to take pictures.  It really gives you that New Orleans vibe!  You must be comfortable taking photos in public because whenever I shoot here, there are always a ton of comments directed at my couples from tourists holding hand-grenades.  The comments are always on the nice/playful side but if you’re a super shy person, this probably isn’t the best location.

  3. The Garden District

    If you want to head someplace with fewer tourists, try the Garden District.  There are so many beautiful places to take photos here.  It’s really endless!

  4. St. Charles Streetcar

    We can add this to just about any engagement session.  It’s so cute if we can catch a streetcar that is pretty empty.  That way we can spend about 10-15 minutes shooting in one.  So much fun!

  5. Tulane University

    If you haven’t been to Tulane’s campus, you’re missing out!  This university’s grounds are so beautiful and the perfect backdrop for an engagement session.  Especially , if you’ve been a student before!

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