How to: Avoid Being a Bridezilla

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August 3, 2019


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No one likes a bridezilla, especially your wedding party!  Luckily I’ve only ever had one situation that may have included some bridezilla like behavior and I’m pretty sure I know what caused it.  If you’re worried about having a small meltdown or feeling like you need to control everything on your wedding day, this post is for you.

  1. Work with a Wedding Planner

    I cannot stress this enough.  Most often bad behavior from brides actually comes from them wanting to relinquish control and enjoy their wedding day but feeling like they can’t.  This is typically the girl that’s used to doing everything for herself and being completely self-reliant.  When you work with a wedding planner, you release this control to someone you trust.  Your day will end up running a lot smoother and you can let go and relax!

  2. Plan, Plan, Plan!!!

    Another reason I see behavior like this is because of ineffective planning.  When putting on a huge event like a wedding, it is necessary to be pretty detail-oriented.  Leave enough time for everything!  If you think getting ready will only take an hour, think about all of the unexpected things that might happen.  What if your MUA is late?  What if your makeup needs to be redone? What if your bridesmaids aren’t ready on time?  Take another look at your timeline and build in extra space for these kinds of things.  A wedding RARELY goes to plan so please consider that you’re probably going to need more time than you think.

  3. Don’t Get Too Attached to Your Timeline

    Like I mentioned before, weddings rarely go to plan 100%.  So as long as you’ve planned for the “what ifs” you should be okay!  Don’t get too attached to the idea that you’ll be done with hair and makeup at 11 am.  If you happen to finish at 11:20 am, your day isn’t ruined.  Remind yourself of why everyone is gathered together and take a breath.  Even though weddings don’t always go as planned, they always end up amazing.  So let your story, be your story!

  4. Work With Professionals

    If you needed a plumber or an electrician, would you call someone without insurance or an actual business just because they would charge you less? Probably not, unless you wanted to take a pretty big chance that things wouldn’t get done correctly.  The same is true for your wedding vendors.  Use reputable businesses that know what they’re doing.  I’ve seen brides become very disappointed after not hiring the right vendors and only realizing it on their wedding day.  Just imagine your anticipating your beautiful 6 tier wedding cake only to have it delivered to your reception as a sheet cake.  Don’t make that mistake.

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