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Most of the couples I work with go to New Orleans or bigger cities to find their dream wedding dress, however, most people don’t know there are a few boutiques nearby that are worth checking out.  If you have a very specific designer or style in mind it may be harder to find a dress […]

Bridal Boutiques in Baton Rouge

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No one likes a bridezilla, especially your wedding party!  Luckily I’ve only ever had one situation that may have included some bridezilla like behavior and I’m pretty sure I know what caused it.  If you’re worried about having a small meltdown or feeling like you need to control everything on your wedding day, this post […]

How to: Avoid Being a Bridezilla

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Imagine it’s four weeks after your wedding and your photographer emails you saying your images are ready.  Your excitement grows as you go to open the email link to your gallery.  You call your new husband over and you both sit waiting for the pictures to load. Then all of a sudden, you both simultaneously […]

How To: Choose A Wedding Photographer

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